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carpenter bee

Carpenter Bees

CARPENTER BEES resemble bumble bees as they are similar in size. The upper part of carpenter bee’s abdomen is shiny black and bare of hairs. A bumble bee has a very hairy abdomen with yellow markings. 


The thorax of the carpenter bee is covered with yellow, orange, or white hairs. The head is almost as wide as the thorax. A bumble bee’s head is much narrower than the width of the thorax.


The female carpenter bees drill into wood, creating a nesting site for their young. 


They make almost perfectly round holes, 3/8 in. (18 mm) in diameter. While the bees don’t eat wood, they use the sawdust they create for nesting material, building “walls” between eggs. 


Carpenter bees will drill beyond their tunnels in different directions. They drill deeper into the wood of your home, fence, deck, sheds, and anything wood. One nest can turn into a dozen nests or more if left untreated. 


Plus, their drilling can invite further damage from wood peckers. And water can get into the wood through the holes and tunnels which can lead to mold, mildew and fungus. 

The bees also defecate (poop) in and around the entrance, which stains the exterior, ruining the appearance of your home.


Carpenter bees aren’t just a nuisance; they can cause fairly significant damage to structures, homes, and buildings over time. 



  • Drill into wood, making round holes, 3/8 inch (18 mm) in diameter.

  • Cause damage to wood structures like fences, decks, sheds, out-buildings, homes, etc.

  • Carpenter bees have very strong jaws that can penetrate wood through vigorous vibrations of the whole body. This drilling is so powerful that human ears can hear it!

  • Similar in size to bumble bees. Stout in body and measure 0.75 inches (19 mm) to 1 inch (25.5 mm) long.

  • Black, shiny, mostly bald torsos. The thorax is covered with yellow, orange, or white hairs and the head is almost as wide as the thorax.

  • The females will sting if they feel threatened. The males, protective of the nesting site, will dive bomb humans, but cannot sting.



Damage is preventable. If you suspect Carpenter bees are nesting in or near your home, or other stinging insects, contact Busch Brothers Beekeeping / WNY Bee Removal today!  We serve all of Western New York and surrounding areas.


We are available to respond to all  your stinging insect problems.

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carpenter bee in flight
carpenter bee entering their hole
carpenter bee tunnels and damage to wood

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