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We remove, control, and prevent insect colonies and their nests. Plus we repair the void caused in the removal.

Busch Brothers Beekeeping / WNY Bee Removal helps people in Western New York and surrounding area eliminate damaging carpenter bees and dangerous hornets and wasps, yellow jackets, cicada killers, ground bees, driller bees, and many other stinging insects.


Busch Brothers Beekeeping / WNY Bee Removal rescues and removes LIVE HONEY BEES, and relocates them far from your home or business.


We offer professional 24/7 Emergency Service, In Response Service and Preventative Service to homeowners and businesses in All of Western New York.

Bees like to "bee" where bees have been! Do it right, or do it again!


Insects and pests threaten the safety of people, pets and businesses. Their stings and bites can be fatal to those who are allergic.


Bring us in to manage and remove honey bees. Let us get rid of your stinging and biting insects/pests such as damaging carpenter bees, dangerous hornets and wasps, paper wasps, bald-faced hornets, yellow jackets, velvet ants, tarantula hawks, fire ants, bullet ants, mosquitoes, bumble bees, red harvester ants, European hornets, cicada killers, bed bugs, cockroaches, and many others.


Whatever the insect or pest causing problems, we can help you.

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Stop the insect problem before it starts.


In Response

Remove insect colonies and their nests and repair the void.


24/7 Emergency

Whatever the insect or pest causing problems, we can help you.

Professional Bee Removal Services

Bee Removal BeeKeeper

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