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Let’s stop the problem before it starts, or at least prevent the issue from getting worse.


We concentrate on favored entry points such as soffit and fascia areas, rooflines and gutterlines, window frames and shutters, under decks and overhangs. Busch Brothers Beekeeping / WNY Bee Removal treats and includes all detached structures like sheds, gazebos, garages, retaining walls, fences, etc. And of course all foundations, exterior cracks, seams, and crevices.


We will apply U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved non-staining materials to the exteriors of your home and buildings and to the preferred nesting sites of damaging carpenter bees and dangerous wasps, hornets, driller bees, and yellow jackets, among all the others.


Following the application, your property, including the yard, is covered under warranty for any nest construction through the season.  


This application is usually done during April, May, June, and July to cover before and during the nesting season of these insects. By late June and July many of these insects have either begun to or already nested. We want to stop them in their tracks before the colony takes hold. Prevent them from moving in, building their nest, or taking control of your property’s exterior.


All treatments are in strict compliance with all New York State’s Department of Agriculture and Markets, and Federal rules and regulations.

Contact us today. 

Rochester & Finger Lakes areas, contact Paul Busch at 585-313-8244.


Western New York & Southern County areas, contact Jim Busch at 716-578-1812.

Professional Bee Removal Services

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